Beginner’s Courses: For information  on our beginner courses  tel 01793 349172 or email angela.richens@ntlworld

If you have already done some HTM in the past, or have been learning by yourself, do get in touch as you may be eligable to join one of our other courses.


Where: Courses are normally held at St. Andrew’s Church Centre, Raleigh Avenue, Swindon.

Who can Come? Children aged 8 and over are welcome but must be accomanied by an adult and be able to have full control of the dog. All dog breeds are welcome as long as they are healthy, have up to date vacinations and are not in season, and are  over  Six months. They will have to have basic obedience and socialisation skills, ie. sit, down, wait, recall and short stay (30 seconds). They should also walk well on lead and keep with the handler off lead (not necessarily in a heel close position). *In normal circumstances only one dog per handler  per course.

 Cost: At present the course fee is £40. There is also a membership fee (£10 for Year April to April, £5.00 1/2 year membership (still held at 2011 prices)  is payable for September courses).

What does the Course include? The course  includes; distraction training and focus work,8 or 9 basic moves and 4 basic heel-work positions. Linking moves together to form simple sequences (mini routines).

Dogs will be taught both individually and in groups. All training will be done in a fun, non-pressured ,way using motivation and rewards, and all members work at their own pace.

Clicker training is encouraged and will be taught.

The course is accompanied by written notes. The dogs are not encouraged to do any moves that they are uncomfortable with because of their breed, age, or comforation. If you want to know more, or have any questions do please contact us.

Assessment and certificate at the end of the course and a chance to progress or continue “just for fun”.